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"Making Our Environment Right"

MOER Foundation MOER Foundation Inc. "Making Good Communities Better"


M.O.E.R. Testimonals - The testimonials and photo galleries give you the opportunity to view the many charitable acts the MOER Foundation has performed in the community and abroad. On a daily basis, we are in the community making a difference and helping those in need. If you or someone you know can benefit from or would like to help the MOER Foundation's, feel free to call us at 1-800-719-5070 and someone can help you.

"Your donation is greatly appreciated as well as your recognition of the importance of supporting the education of the children of our future."
— Tania Rivera
Family and Community Outreach Coordinator

"It is truly a blessing to have a foundation like yours in our city, where we have so many children that have to go without, due to lack of resources."
— Byron Beamon
Special Education Specialist Triad-B

"I found the MOER Foundation to be a miracle for a child and her family, as she was in need of school supplies. The mom was a single parent and money was rigid for this family. I emailed a site, not knowing I would be connected with MOER Foundation, as I was writting to the Greenville, N.C. 2008 bus campaign, and I quickly got a response from the MOER Foundation, and really could not believe how fast they were to respond to an email that I never expected a response. I am glad that they were there as Dr. Monica Macedon called me on Monday am as I left Friday pm, not expecting the results I got as the foundation is wonderful and they are doing wonderful things for the community and it children.
— Lisa

On Behalf of two families at the Downey School recently the victims of a fire, we would like to extend our gratitude towards your contribution of school supplies. Thank you for all your efforts in making this world a better place. Ms. Gosselin Principal Brockton Public Schools."
— Ms. Gosselin

I truly admire the great works this organization has done and is doing especially for the youth in various segments of our society, as a volunteer I saw the looks and faces of smiles from the young people the MOER Foundation has helped and all the thank you's and blessing from young and old alike, this organization represents the future of non-profits, because of their many innovative ways of giving and helping. It is said, 'A child shall lead them.', and so the cries of heip from the YOUTH and ELDERS in our society has lead this Foundation on the path of givng, loving and sharing. THANKS MOER FOUNDATION FOR ALL YOU DO!!"
— Ms . St. Clair

"I Found this excellent News and wanted to share this information with everyone. It is comforting to know that there are creditable Non-Profit Organizations like the MOER Foundation doing such great work in the community...Keep up the Great Job MOER Foundation. Excellent News! The BBB has presented MOER Foundation, Inc., Boston, MA with a Certificate of Charitable Excellence. 'We are proud and honored to be recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for our professional charitable services. The mission of the MOER Foundation is to identify and create economic opportunities, education and social support to individuals and families for the enrichment of the global community. More importantly, the individuals in the communities we serve should know that our programs and services offered are ethical and are provided at the highest charitable standard.', said Dr. Ali ABY Muhammed, CEO of MOER Foundation, Inc. The Better Business Bureau is the leader in monitoring Charitable Organizations to be at the highest standards of practice and to ensure donor & consumer safety from fraud or malpractice. The BBB recognizes MOER Foundation to have met all 20 standards and is recognized at the highest standards as a charitable organization and community asset."
— Karen Poluski

"The MOER Foundation provides individuals and communities with a great service. They truly care about the lives of those they serve. I am excited to be a volunteer with the organization and look forward to additional programming in the Charlotte area. The volunteers are welcoming and the way that they reach out to the community is wonderful."
— Zaria Davis