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"Making Our Environment Right"

MOER Foundation MOER Foundation Inc. "Making Good Communities Better"

Public/Community Involvement

Moer Foundation engages in a wide range of Community outreach efforts, including national events and charitable programs, requests for public input on Moer Foundation projects, and special programs designed specifically to involve public representatives in the educational. health and historical preservation enterprises.

Directors of Public Representation

The Directors of Public Representation is a community advisory committee made up of members of the public who provide input to the ongoing work and future development of the Moer Foundation

Public Liaison Opportunities

Moer Foundation Institutes and Centers hold public activities and events throughout the country. Subscribe to the online monthly bulletin to find out about events in your community, health and health education resources for the public, and newly released Moer Foundation publications.

Community Liaison Opportunities

The Office of Community Liaison has a long-standing partnership with the Boys & Girls, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Red Cresent and is dedicated to serving the interests and well-being of the Moer Foundation neighborhood and its neighbors.

Health Clinical Studies (C.O.P.P)

Clinical studies are medical research studies in which individuals participate as volunteers. Clinical research studies (sometimes called trials or protocols) are a means of collecting data to further educate families and communities on the several diseases and conditions that plagues Low-income households.

Healthy Volunteers

Healthy volunteers provide researchers with important information for comparison with people who have specific illnesses. Every year, nearly 500 healthy volunteers participate in programs at Moer Foundation Medical Coalition.

Learn how to become a healthy volunteer with the Moer Foundation.

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Moer Foundation identifies and develops opportunities for innovative public-private partnerships involving industry, academia, and the philanthropic community.