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School Supply Donations Program

Sponsor-A-Mind® is the MOER Foundation's largest program and was the first successful endeavor of the foundation. The primary purpose of the Sponsor-A-Mind® is to supply underprivileged school children and classrooms in less affluent neighborhoods with the basic materials needed to exist and thrive in education.

The program name emphasizes the idea that contributing school supplies is not simply a matter of easing a disadvantaged family's needs. Rather, supporting education in this way allows contributors to provide backing for the students development and future.

How It Works

The Sponsor-A-Mind® program accepts donations of pencils, pens, notebooks, paper, backpacks, computers, and other school supplies from office supply stores, grocery stores, and other venues, and then distributes the school supplies free of charge to individuals and schools.

The Sponsor-A-Mind® program fosters close relationships with family outreach coordinators and teachers at inner/outer-city schools, that are the primary contacts to families in need. The Sponsor-A-Mind® website can be viewed and donation requests can me submitted at

Ancient Historical Society Museum
Historical Education and Preservation

It is the intent of the Ancient Historical Society Museum to demonstrate a quest to conserve, attain, sustain, and provide fellowship of all people and information for all people. Without knowing ones historical background, this may lead to thought-provoking images/questions, at times, of another person's. Yet, not being aware of one's historical milieu, they may go through life 'like a ship without a rudder'.

The Ancient Historical Society hosts a website and virtual museum which provides historical artifacts/information for your shopping and learning pleasure which can be found at

Childhood Obesity Prevention Program
Health Series/Research Initiatives

The mission of the Childhood Obesity Prevention Program (C.O.P.P) is to identify, evaluate, create and encourage healthy culturally sensitive eating patterns, physical activity, and healthy lifestyles in order to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity in the United States.

How It Works

"The COPP Health Series educates parents and children about the value of healthy eating patterns, increasing physical activity and promoting healthy lifestyles. The MOER Foundation Medical Coalition promotes culturally sensitive health education, stressing the theme, 'lose your weight, not your culture'."
— Dr. Ali ABY Muhammed CEO/Founder

To help motivate children and parents items such as; pedometers, fact sheets and healthy recipes were given away to promote physical activity and wellness.

Due to efforts by the MOER Foundation Medical Coalition, May 29 had been officially named Childhood Obesity Awareness Day on behalf of the MOER Foundation Medical Coalition.

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