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"Making Our Environment Right"

MOER Foundation MOER Foundation Inc. "Making Good Communities Better"

Outreach and Education


Pillar 1: Educational Initiatives

The Sponsor-A-Mind program supplies needy school children and classrooms in less affluent neighborhoods with the basic learning materials they need to carry out their education. "Given the proper tools to learn, there is no limit to a child's education and success".

Pillar 2: Health Initiatives

The MOER Foundation focuses on providing health care services for low to no income families. Our health initiatives ranges from a wide variety of programs which includes, Child Obesity Prevention, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Domestic Violence Prevention, Cancer screening and survival methods.

Pillar 3: Historical Preservation Initiatives

The MOER Foundation in the spirit of historical preservation developed a virtual museum. The Ancient Historical Society Museum offers a plethora of programs and services to further educate the youth on the importance of the many cultures that help shape societies of long standing.