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"Making Our Environment Right"

MOER Foundation MOER Foundation Inc. "Making Good Communities Better"

Welcome to the MOER Foundation, Inc.

Dr. Ali

Dr. Ali A.B.York Muhammed is the founder and CEO of M.O.E.R Making Our Environment Right Foundation, an organization that works to address the critical needs of students and academic institutions that enable young people to make positive life decisions, in addition to addressing various other needs of diverse cultural communities.

The foundation began as a simple act of generosity on Dr. Muhammed's part, but has grown to something large enough to positively change lives worldwide.

Since 2006, MOER Foundation has collected a wealth of in-kind donations and volunteers from around the world to redistribute to children in need. Today, MOER Foundation is headquarter in Charlotte and Dr. Muhammed has continued to tirelessly dedicate his time to creating educational, social and economic opportunities for children and their families who are deprived of the basic necessities and opportunities in life.

To that end, the MOER Foundation have received over 12 Proclamations from across the country as-well as awards from around the world. Dr. Muhammed was also responsible for a series of successful programs and organizations such as the Ancient Historical Society Museum, The MOER Yacht Club, The GENTS Club, The Queen City Croquet Club, and the MOER GREEN TEAM, just to name a few of his notable accomplishment. A pioneer is what he would have been called, but he is known to many as a very modest and humble man that would sacrifice the world for the future of the children. We need to learn to live of for and by each other. A statement often used by Dr. Muhammed quoted by his father.