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Cultural Recipes
MOER Medical Logo In today’s world, an individual’s health should be of integral importance to her/him and to society, as a whole. To function at the most effective level, one’ s body, mind, and soul must be in sync with each other. To assist and support others with conceptualizing the significance of the well being of the entire human being, the objective of the Medical Coalition is to enlighten everyone about healthier eating patterns, feeding the mind with intellectual information, and having positive thoughts. These features can help to uplift one’s self esteem, while implementing optimistic change within the self. Thus, with these accomplishments, an individual will become a powerful force to be reckoned with, not only inher/his community, but likewise, in the global society.

The mission of the Childhood Obesity Prevention Program (COPP) is to identify, evaluate, create and encourage healthy culturally sensitive eating patterns, physical activity, and healthy lifestyles to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity in the
United States.

Our team includes medical, healthcare and
business professionals experienced in medicine, youth & motivational speaking, education, communication, marketing, and program management. Our efforts are heavily supported by the contributions of volunteers and donors, both individual and corporate.