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MOER Foundation Volunteers
The Volunteer Program of MOER Foundation serves as a community volunteer placement agency. Its mission is to “Mobilize people and resources to deliver creative solutions to community problems.” To that end, the Volunteer program of MOER Foundation has a four-fold purpose that encompasses its programs. This purpose is to:
Connect volunteers with opportunities to serve
Build capacity for effective local volunteer’s service
Promote Volunteering
Lead and/or participate in strategic initiatives to mobilize volunteers to meet community need.
This program enables volunteers across the globe to help the MOER Foundation to deliver support that ultimately helps children, their families and their communities in more than 12 developing countries. Volunteers are very important to the growth of our organization through their contribution of time, energy, commitment, insight, enthusiasm and expertise in diverse areas. Their efforts can motivate donors, staff, and more importantly individuals in need.

This service allows persons of all age groups to offer acts of kindness to different communities; be it raking leaves, tutoring, mentoring, driving a hot meal to a person in need, collection of donations. Volunteer Works at the MOER Foundation allows individuals to become part of a global community united around the needs of people in need.

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Driving For MOER Foundation:
Moer Foundation, Inc. is now provides transportation for residents of selected, counties to medical appointments, child development programs and other critical destinations. Members of our Volunteer Driving Team provide an important service, enhancing the quality of life for those who have no other means of transportation.

As a volunteer driver, you will be trained in a variety of safety areas, which includes child safety seat installation, vehicle safety and cleanliness check, as well as the MOER Children’s Transportation Workshop. This workshop includes; communicating with children, transporting people with disabilities, emergency procedures and agency policies. As a Volunteer Driver, you can make a contribution to your community, meet new people and have fun traveling the state.

Required documents include:

Valid Driving License
Criminal Background Check
Proof Of Insurance
Personal References
Mentorship Program:
The young people of today must cope with far more personal and social pressures than any other previous generation of youth. Early intervention through a structured mentor relationship may be able to give young people the tools and support they need to deal effectively with these pressures. Understanding the many social, psychological, and physical demands that the youth face is extremely important for any individual about to undertake the task of being a mentor.

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The following are core focuses.

Peer Pressure
One of the greatest forces on adolescents is the power and influence of their peers.
Substance Abuse
The curiosity to experiment with alcohol, tobacco, and drugs is a constant threat to each adolescent I n today’s world.
Many young people turn to sexual relationships for a variety of reasons.
Child Abuse and Family Violence
Physical and psychological abuse, within the family or in any environment, will have both an immediate effect on the youth and create long-lasting, negative attitudes and behaviors.
School Safety and Violence
Many young people are exposed to bullies or other violent behaviors in the school setting that may result in attendance problems or lower academic achievement levels.
Depression and Suicide
Serious depression is more prevalent when young people are overwhelmed with emotional issues and situations they can not resolve.
Peer Pressure
One of the greatest forces on adolescents is the power and influence of their peers.
Nutrition and Health Care
Many young people feel they are immortal and are either ignorant of or tend to ignore good health practices.
Family Support Services:
MOER Foundation offers the Family Support Program at selected states and counties on behalf of the MOER Foundation Medical Coalition. A licensed /State certified social worker and supervisor meet the families at their home or at a MOER Foundation office to better understand the issues the family is experiencing.

Our Professional Family Support workers will conduct a risk assessment and help the parents put together a plan to address the concerns. All referrals come through the Medical Coalition of Human Services Child Protective Services. Family Support typically works with families for less than 6 months. Our goal is to leave the family with a stronger support system and hope for the future.

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Program Requirement: Criminal Background Checks.

Food Recovery & Donations (Food Preparation Program)
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