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The MOER Foundation began with an errand to Staples Store Winter Street, Boston Massachusetts. Dr. Ali ABY Muhammed needed some office supplies and found himself chatting with a single mother of four who did not have enough money to buy her children school supplies. Dr. Ali ABY Muhammed footed her bill that day and then took the next step and asked her what other needs for her family can he meet. That was in June 2006, and the MOER (Making Our Environment Right) Foundation was founded that August/12/2006.

The fledgling foundation’s first program is Sponsor-a-Mind, which collects school supplies from stores and distributes them to individuals and schools in need free of charge. The program name emphasizes the idea that contributing school supplies is not simply a matter of easing a disadvantaged family’s needs. Rather, supporting education in this way allows contributors to provide backing for the recipients’ development and future.

At first, Dr. Ali ABY Muhammed purchased the school supplies and donated them to individuals. Then he began giving talks at community gatherings and contacted family coordinators at the local schools, asking them for a list of what supplies were needed. Requests poured in and Dr. Ali ABY Muhammed appealed to the manager of the Winter Street Staples store in Boston, where he had met that needy mother. The person who ran that store was a district manager and offered to call other Staples stores, which responded enthusiastically. With that, the Sponsor-a-Mind program and the MOER Foundation have taken root and spread to numerous communities across the United States.

The organization has grown organically in response to stated needs. Many of the children who lacked school supplies also required winter clothes, so we initiated a coat donation drive based at public transit stations. They needed food, so we began a food recovery program. Unfortunately, many of the children and their mothers suffered from abuse, which inspired us to develop a domestic violence prevention program. They also needed a place for safe recreation, so we formed a partnership with Boston’s Community Boating so inner-city youth can get out on the water and learn new skills.

In each case, a wealth of in-kind donations and volunteers from all around the city emerged to meet the need. For example, U-Haul has supplied trucks for picking up supplies and delivering them to the warehouse and schools, American Express Travel held an employee donation drive and raised well over $1,000 worth of donations for Sponsor-a-Mind, and long-time supporter Staples donated a case of pens when an urban school held a writing contest.

These contributions show that the MOER Foundation’s theory of community change is correct: when there is a need, a respectful request will bring unprecedented results. Neighbors and businesseswant to help out. They just need to be asked. For three years, the MOER Foundation has done just that and built a network of assistance and social and health programs.

The mission of the MOER Foundation, Inc. is to identify and create economic opportunities, education and social support to individuals and families for the enrichment of the global community.MOER MISSION/GOALS:

The goals of the MOER Foundation are as follows:

1. Education – This allows us to teach and instill positive productive behaviors within children, families and the community. In turn, while decreasing health disparities in our communities.

2. Community Partnerships & Affiliations – Community partnerships and affiliations with local and national businesses, corporations, and educational institutions are essential in community improvement.

3. Individual & Community Responsibility – By each individual taking an active role, this aids in improving the “quality of life” of those young and older. By conducting programs, such as “Sponsor-A-Mind”, it teaches individuals within our community the importance of becoming and staying involved in improving and maintaining our children’s education.

4. Volunteer Involvement – By engaging volunteers we extend the reach of our education and multiply the impact of our actions.

In realizing these goals, the MOER Foundation provides leadership and direction toward programs designed to improve every community. The following highlight some of our divisions that oversee the daily operations of the MOER Foundation.


The credo of the MOER Foundation is “Making good communities better” while our focus is Making Our Environment Right. Our objective and challenge with wide broad spectrum of inter-related program initiatives. The challenge requires that we attempt to provide a vehicle with which to deliver essentials services to those areas that will augment the basic quality of life thereby preparing the foundation for the re-development of the individual(s). Further, the MOER Foundation seeks to define the problem of community (i.e. youth and families) development in the social/philosophical abstract, in this instance – longevity.

We are determined to assist in the well-being and long life of the affected communities through programmatic efforts that encourage as well as promote a robust and meaningful existence. The MOER Foundation wishes to build upon the good works of others in an effort to provide a stable and peaceful environment of longstanding. We are ever ready to research and network with others to seek advice and share experiences as to the most effective method toward delivery of services to those in need.

An ingredient of a formula that may result in a robust and meaningful life over an extended period is nourishment, clothing, and shelter including the basics of education. These essential ingredients are basic elements of safety necessary for the growth and community security. In consideration of the challenges in “making good communities better”, we limit our focus to the ‘software’ of youth re-development i.e. food, clothing, Historical preservation and education.

The MOER Foundation Inc, with affiliates in several states in the U.S., has developed a series of program ‘delivery systems’ which are a product of research and networks amongst some of America’s corporate ‘ social advocates’. Those of the business environment that is willing to share their resources and methods in such a ways as to allow us to give to those in need. We are and will be continually grateful for their good hearts and generous spirit of giving. The MOER Foundation intends to return positive, self directed and productive individuals from communities wherein productive community contribution is common.

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