M.O.E.R (Making Our Environment Right) Who We Are & What We Do.

M.O.E.R (Making Our Environment Right)

M.O.E.R (Making Our Environment Right)

Of primary importance to the M.O.E.R (Making Our Environment Right) ., is ensuring that we, as a global community, can learn to live with, by and for each other. The mission of the M.O.E.R (Making Our Environment Right) is to identify and create economic opportunities, education and social support to individuals and families.

Our objective is to address this pandemic in a constructive and life enhancing way. We will seek alternative approaches to enable young people to make positive life choices. The principal motivation of the M.O.E.R (Making Our Environment Right) ., is to ensure that our global community’s safety and security are a result of respect, cooperation, and an enhanced acceptance that we are one Family.

The credo of the M.O.E.R (Making Our Environment Right) is “Making good communities better” while our focus is Making Our Environment Right. Our objective and challenge with wide broad spectrum of inter-related program initiatives. The challenge requires that we attempt to provide a vehicle with which to deliver essentials services to those areas that will augment the basic quality of life thereby preparing the foundation for the re-development of the individual(s). Further, the M.O.E.R (Making Our Environment Right)  seeks to define the problem of community (i.e. youth and families) development in the social/philosophical abstract, in this instance – longevity.

We are determined to assist in the well-being and long life of the affected communities through programmatic efforts that encourage as well as promote a robust and meaningful existence. The M.O.E.R (Making Our Environment Right)  wishes to build upon the good works of others in an effort to provide a stable and peaceful environment of longstanding. We are ever ready to research and network with others to seek advice and share experiences as to the most effective method toward delivery of services to those in need.

An ingredient of a formula that may result in a robust and meaningful life over an extended period is nourishment, clothing, and shelter including the basics of education. These essential ingredients are basic elements of safety necessary for the growth and community security. In consideration of the challenges in “making good communities better”, we limit our focus to the ‘software’ of youth re-development i.e. food, clothing, Historical preservation and education.

The M.O.E.R (Making Our Environment Right)  with affiliates in several states in the U.S., has developed a series of program ‘delivery systems’ which are a product of research and networks amongst some of America’s corporate ‘ social advocates’. Those of the business environment that is willing to share their resources and methods in such a ways as to allow us to give to those in need. We are and will be continually grateful for their good hearts and generous spirit of giving. The M.O.E.R (Making Our Environment Right)  intends to return positive, self directed and productive individuals from communities wherein productive community contribution is common. – Dr. Ali ABY Muhammed,-06  FOUNDER/CEO

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