Community Protection Agency

The MOER Foundation Announces the C.P.A.
The C.P.A. (Community Protection Agency) is a joint effort between the local Police and Community members like you who are concerned about the security of their communities.
The “C.P.A.” was created on the understanding that community safety and security are not the sole responsibility of the Police, but rather a shared responsibility between the Police and the citizens of our fine city.
The C.P.A.’s focus is to address critical issues that affect the well being of the global communities. Furthermore; we acknowledge and accept the fact that violent crime amongst young people has become a matter of National Security.
What are our Objectives?
There are three main objectives of the Community Protection Agency.
• The primary objective is to help reduce crime through deterrence and active prevention
• The second, if an incident does occur, the C.P.A. will assist the local Police department by providing the attending police officer with an information advantage that can be continually updated.
• Finally, by allowing Community Volunteers the opportunity to actively participate in crime prevention in and around their own neighbor hoods, the C.P.A. will increase cooperation and understanding between Police Officers and the citizens they serve.
The “C.P.A.” was created on the understanding that community safety and security are not the sole responsibility of the Police, but rather a shared responsibility between the Police and the citizens of our fine city.
The C.P.A., with chapters in several states in the U.S., has developed a series of program ‘delivery systems’ which are a product of research and net- works amongst some of America‘s corporate ‘ social advocates’.
Those of the business environment that is willing to share their resources and methods in such a ways as to allow us to give to those in need. We are and will be continually grateful for their good hearts and generous spirit of giving.
We seek to create an arena wherein alternatives to fear based treatments and those associated short- term methods, which have proven to be marginally effective to that of a wholesome approach.
Indeed a non pacificator attempt to bring forth natural talents and abilities in such a way as to allow for natural growth and age related behaviors to be directed toward those elements that will yield self confidence and show the way to participate in community growth and stability.
C.P.A. personnel are counted among the best of the best in the country, experts in the fields of security and protection. These highly-skilled professionals have actual field experience in criminal investigation, intelligence, personnel protection, martial Arts and urban warfare.
– Discipline: C.P.A. Security Services takes innate pride in the strict implementation of the agency’s Code of Discipline to instill the highest standard of security performance as required by its clients.
– Training: C.P.A. Security Services trains its guards to provide security and protection to person and property from any harm, loss or destruction. Guardsmen and protection officers are service oriented and highly trained in positive values formation, customer relations, first aid, disaster preparedness and special warfare and tactics
– Mental Attitude: All C.P.A. guardsmen and protection officers are required to undergo periodic Aptitude and Personality tests to determine the mental stability and reliability of the individual personnel.
– Physical Condition: Excellent physical condition is essential to a guardsman or protection officer. This is the reason why C.P.A Security Services requires all its personnel to undergo an annual physical examination.
Our Security supervisors are equipped with leadership experience, technical proficiency and the ability to inter- face with the clients. We have developed an ‘esprit de corps‘ with their respective commands and serve their clients with pride.

C.P.A. Security Services likewise provides the following ancillary security and protection services to its clientele:
Physical Security Survey —
An investigative study on a person, residence, office or installation in order to determine the appropriate security measure that will effectively deter any possible crime against person or property.
Personnel Security Investigation —
An investigative study on the background of a person for purposes of determining said person’s security or risk quotient and perceived level of trustworthiness.
Security Education Program —
A program continuing education for individuals, families and employees that will provide updates on new security regulations, criminal trends and modus operandi.
Security Escort Services —
The provision of security escorts to clients, including but not limited to business and political luminaries, high net worth individuals, company executives including their spouses and children for purposes of deterrence and protection.
Intelligence Operations —
The conduct of surveillance activities or undercover operations for purposes of gathering pertinent information relevant or of compelling interest to the client.
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