Reducing Energy Dependence

Wind turbines (Vendsyssel, Denmark, 2004)
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Many of us feel helpless especially when worldly environmental disasters occur that are beyond our scope and control. But don’t give up hope. There are some things you can do and every little bit makes a difference in our world. If this latest oil spill has you thinking we need to look for alternatives to oil, get ready to make some changes to do your part to reduce America’s addiction to oil. Whether you go for a big change or keep it simple, every little thing you do sends a message.

1. Grow a Garden. There are several different ways you can grow a garden even if you live in an apartment or have a small backyard. Although it may cost a little to start up, once it gets going the rewards are priceless. Getting your hands dirty in the soil is very therapeutic and growing your own food gives you control of the organic quality. One of the ways you can start a garden is by using those gallon rubbermaid storage containers and filling them with soil Drill a few holes in the bottom for drainage and you have an instant raised bed.

M.O.E.R (Making Our Environment Right) Who We Are & What We Do.

M.O.E.R (Making Our Environment Right)

M.O.E.R (Making Our Environment Right)

Of primary importance to the M.O.E.R (Making Our Environment Right) ., is ensuring that we, as a global community, can learn to live with, by and for each other. The mission of the M.O.E.R (Making Our Environment Right) is to identify and create economic opportunities, education and social support to individuals and families.

Our objective is to address this pandemic in a constructive and life enhancing way. We will seek alternative approaches to enable young people to make positive life choices. The principal motivation of the M.O.E.R (Making Our Environment Right) ., is to ensure that our global community’s safety and security are a result of respect, cooperation, and an enhanced acceptance that we are one Family.

The credo of the M.O.E.R (Making Our Environment Right) is “Making good communities better” while our focus is Making Our Environment Right. Our objective and challenge with wide broad spectrum of inter-related program initiatives.