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"Making Our Environment Right"

MOER Foundation MOER Foundation Inc. "Making Good Communities Better"
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MOER Overview

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Ali ABY Muhammed


Boston, MA

Staff and Volunteers

4 Main Staff
6 Committees
63 Volunteers


$317,000 In-kind donations

Childhood Obesity Prevention Program

Sponsor-A-Mind (School Supply Donation)

Daniel in Panama

Soup Kitchen

Children Sponsor-A-Mind

Who We Are...

The Moer foundation's focus is to address critical issues that affect the well being of the global communities. Furthermore; we acknowledge and accept the fact that violent crime amongst young people has become a matter of National Security.

Our objective is to address this pandemic in constructive and life enhancing ways. We intend to seek alternative approaches to enable young people to make positive life choices through self perception as defined in the context generational awareness and re-evaluation of self as an extension of community growth. The self defined aware young person will be shown that success is achieved through cooperative community effort and failure is found in selfish actions. The Moer Foundation wishes to contribute to the resolution of this national dilemma as a facilitator of constructive change through the re-construction of the change agent — the young people.

"Towards that end the Moer Foundation will engage in dialogue with experienced, qualified groups or individuals that share our concern about the immediate environment of violence and fear."
— Dr. Ali ABY Muhammed

Moreover, we will create an arena wherein alternatives to fear based treatments and those associated short-term methods, which have proven to be marginally effective to that of a wholesome approach. Indeed a non pacificator attempt to bring forth natural talents and abilities in such a way as to allow for natural growth and age related behaviors to be directed toward those elements that will yield self confidence and show the way to participate in community growth and stability.

We see great urgency in this matter and seek to build relationship with those who share in our goal.

"MOER Foundation is one of our nation's leading non-profits — Making Our Environment Right' while 'Making Good Communities Better".
— Dr. Ali ABY Muhammed

The MOER foundation's focus is to address critical issues that affect the well being of all communities. Our objective is to address this pandemic in a constructive and life enhancing way. We will seek alternative approaches to enable young people to make positive life choices.

  • Abuse Prevention
  • Historical Preservation
  • Education
  • Financial Literacy
  • Health & Wellness
  • Social Issues

Over the past three years, the MOER Foundation has played an important role in improving the communities across nation and abroad. The MOER Foundation has received over 15 proclamations and a Massachusetts State Senate House of Representative Citation to commend the extraordinary works that are being done to improve our communities and nation.

MOER Foundation Mission

The mission of the MOER Foundation, Inc. is to identify and create economic opportunities, education and social support to individuals and families for the enrichment of the global community.

The goals of the MOER Foundation are as follows:

  1. Education - This allows us to teach and instill positive productive behaviors within children, families and the community. In turn, while decreasing health disparities in our communities.
  2. Community Partnerships & Affiliations - Community partnerships and affiliations with local and national businesses, corporations, and educational institutions are essential in community improvement.
  3. Individual & Community Responsibility - By each individual taking an active role, this aids in improving the "quality of life" of those young and older. By conducting programs, such as "Sponsor-A-Mind", it teaches individuals within our community the importance of becoming and staying involved in improving and maintaining our children's education.
  4. Volunteer Involvement - By engaging volunteers we extend the reach of our education and multiply the impact of our actions.

In realizing these goals, the MOER Foundation provides leadership and direction toward programs designed to improve every community. The following highlight some of our divisions that oversee the daily operations of the MOER Foundation.